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The High Performance Lifestyle

We train with intent - whether it's through our extensive Group Training, tailored Personal Training or all inclusive 6 Week Challenges. Which direction would you like to take...


Our Group Exercise sessions will help you reach your goals in no time, whether it is weight loss, increased fitness or just general wellbeing - we have you covered. Offering constantly varied training, where no two sessions are the same we keep it interesting and fresh. With an extremely flexible timetable of 4 different 30minute specialty classes, we cater for the time poor and help to make including training into your daily routine easy and manageable.

31 weekly sessions, we have times to suit every schedule. Build your training week to suit the results you want.



Lower the reps, up the weights. Build strength through precise movements, condition your muscles for strong body that will never let you down. The power you gain will take your other training to new levels. Challenge every single muscle for maximum disruption and maximum results. 



You like reps? Blend strength with form, then X 100. We are going next level by loading up high intensity intervals with plates, bars and everything in between. Lean, high functioning bodies are the only things leaving this session.



Build and enhance your energy systems for huge cardio gains. Endure pushes sustained mid/high range outputs through your body to take your endurance and cardio fitness to huge new heights.




Tailored training, guidance and advice from your own designated expert Personal Trainer. Working with you one-on-one towards your specific goals. We can take the lead and design a program to get you the best outcomes in the most effective timeframes. Or we can use your favourite training styles to craft a program getting you to where you want to be; whether it's increased fitness, decreasing body weight, maximising strength or athletic performance that you are chasing.

Our pricing structure is designed for a high level training at affordable prices.


New to SureFit we are now taking our regular in house timetable even further with online offerings. With 5 weekly online classes currently. We are stepping into your home to provide the same great sweat sessions, with real effort and honest results through Live / Pre-Recorded sessions streamed through our closed Facebook Group. These sessions are programmed with 'no equipment' meaning the most you will ned is a couple of regular household items. If you have any weights, dumbbells or kettle bells, these can be used to further the resistance and load to make for an even better workout.

Weekly Online Timetable:

MONDAY: 6:00am Pre-Recorded

TUESDAY: 6:00am Live

WEDNESDAY: 6:00am Live

THURSDAY: 6:00am Pre-Recorded

FRIDAY: 6:00am Live

All online sessions run for between 30-45 minutes and are Live Streamed and kept posted with our online community to go back through our entire library at any time, unless listed as pre-recorded.

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